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Choosing a Safer Apartment Community in Georgia – Download the Guide as a PDF

The Crime Victim Law Group has released a downloadable PDF of the blog series designed to help Atlanta renters avoid crime and find safe apartment buildings. “Choosing a Safer Apartment Community in Georgia” presents logical guidelines for finding a safe apartment complex; how to make your current apartment safer; and how to prevent crime from occurring at your apartment.

The purpose of the guide is to alert renters to conditions that enable criminals to prosper within an apartment complex. Being able to recognize these situations allows the renter to proactively avoid or fix them.

From finding an apartment to bolstering your own home, this Guide is intended to empower Atlanta renters so they might avoid becoming victims. When you know what to look for and what to do about it, securing your home environment is easy with a little diligence and forethought. Burglars and other criminals can be dissuaded from invading your space if you make it uninviting by following the advice given in this guide.


If you or someone you love has been the victim of a violent crime, we understand the pain and psychological damage that can follow. We also understand all of the legal implications and are here to help you- contact us anytime.

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Choosing a Safer Apartment Community in Georgia – Download the Guide as a PDF

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